Stellate Ganglion Block 

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What is it?

A stellate ganglion block is a treatment provided via injection through the neck. The stellate ganglion is part of the sympathetic nervous system in your neck. It is located on either side of your voice box. The nerves of the stellate ganglion travel along both sides of your spine. They are associated with a wide range of bodily functions that are not consciously controlled, such as blushing, heart rate, sweating, and the dilation of pupils. Stellate ganglion block treatments can not only help relieve pain in the head, neck, upper arm, and upper chest, but they can also assist doctors with finding and treating problems linked to the stellate ganglion nerves. As the medicine bathes the nerves, they can become numb, which effectively provides relief for inflammation and pain. This treatment may be a good option for those who are experiencing complex regional pain syndrome or post-traumatic stress disorder.

What conditions can a thoracic transforaminal epidural steroid injection be used to treat?

How long do the effects of s Stellate ganglion block last?

The effects and duration of pain relief from stellate ganglion blocks can differ between patients. Some might find that they are pleasantly pain-free for days, or even weeks, while others might need several injections to continue their pain relief for a longer amount of time. However, research shows that the relieving effects of stellate ganglion blocks do tend to last longer with each injection. For some patients, your care team might recommend combining these injections with physical therapy exercises in order to reach the maximum benefits of the treatment plan. It is important to note that there are some temporary side effects associated with Stellate ganglion block. These include a hoarse voice, nasal congestion, flushed face, a droopy eye, and the arm on the side of the injection site might feel warm and tingly afterwards. These are all normal side effects, and should resolve themselves within 24 hours. 

Is there anything that I need to do after the procedure?

Your provider will give specific instructions as to what you should and/or should not do after the Stellate ganglion block procedure. In general, it is recommended that patients arrange for someone else to drive them home. You should not drive or participate in any rigorous activities for at least 24 hours. Patients will likely be clear to return to normal activities the following day, but it is best to confirm this with your provider. Once the patient’s voice returns to normal, they may start to sip water through a straw before gradually working their way up to consuming solid foods. 

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