Intracept Procedure

Relieving Chronic Low Back Pain in Coppell, TX

What is it?

This procedure is also commonly known as radiofrequency ablation of the basivertebral nerve. As the name suggests, this minimally invasive procedure is used to target the basivertebral nerve in patients with vertebrogenic pain, which is a specific type of chronic low back pain that originates from the degeneration of endplates within the vertebrae. For many individuals, vertebral endplates are a very common cause of chronic low back pain. The basivertebral nerve, which branches from the center of the vertebrae to the upper and lower surfaces of the vertebrae, sends pain signals to the spinal cord and brain. Thus, the intention of the Intracept procedure is to effectively intercept these pain signals from the basivertebral nerve. For those who are experiencing modic changes (type I and II), chronic low back pain, endplate changes, discogenic pain, or vertebrogenic pain, this procedure has proven to be an effective option for improving function and alleviating pain in patients, while having a quick average recovery time.

What should I expect during the procedure? ​

This is an outpatient procedure, so patients are typically able to return home on the same day. The treatment itself generally takes about an hour. Your provider will apply heat to the basivertebral nerve, which effectively desensitizes and prevents the nerve from sending pain signals to the spinal cord and brain. ​If you’re struggling with chronic low back pain, Apex Interventional Pain & Spine would be happy to provide you with a range of treatment options to help alleviate your pain and improve your quality of life. Our team of medical professionals will work with you to diagnose the underlying cause of your pain and create a personalized treatment plan that may include the Intracept procedure, or radiofrequency ablation of the basivertebral nerve. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to help you manage your chronic lower back pain and regain your mobility and comfort. If you’d like to chat more about the Intracept procedure, reach out to our team today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a pain-free future.