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What is it?

This condition is an inflammation of the tip of the coccyx, or tip of the tailbone. Coccyx is the Greek word for “cuckoo,” aptly named after the way that the anatomy bears a striking similarity to a bird’s beak with the tip pointed down. 

The suffix “-dynia” means pain, so the term is quite literally “coccyx pain.” Coccydynia can cause pain and tenderness between the buttocks, which can be particularly sharp during activities such as sitting, rising from a seated to standing position, or standing for long periods of time.

What causes coccydynia?

Coccydynia can start from a number of different causes. Some of the most common sources are from experiencing physical trauma to your coccyx in some way. Your coccyx is made up of 3-5 fused vertebrae, or bones, and is located beneath the sacrum, at the base of your spine. Physical trauma to your coccyx could look like anything such as a rough fall, sitting on narrow or hard surfaces for long periods of time, vaginal childbirth, obesity, or being underweight. The onset of coccydynia could even stem from repetitive strain injuries, which can occur during sports that require repetitive motions that impact your spine (such as bicycling or rowing).  Coccydynia is more common in adults and adolescents than in children. You’re also more likely to see this condition in women, rather than men. 

What are some possible solutions?

The Ganglion of Impar, also known as the Ganglion of Walther, is a small bundle of nerves that is located in front of your sacrum, just above the coccyx. This bundle of nerves can be blocked with an anesthetic to help relieve the pain that comes with coccydynia. Ganglion of Impar/Walther blocks can also help with tailbone pain and fractures as well. If you’re struggling with coccydynia, or suspect that you might be, request an appointment with Apex Interventional Pain & Spine today. Let’s get you one step closer to total relief!