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Introducing Intracept: A Revolutionary Approach to Chronic Back Pain Relief

Low back pain is a common health issue affecting 80% of Americans every year, with 8% of them aged 18 and older having chronic back pain to the extreme that it could limit their everyday activities. Though it affects anyone, 38% of working people experience lower back pain. While muscle strain, poor posture, and underlying medical conditions can cause lower back pain, basivertebral nerve degeneration is deemed the major cause.

Despite being caused by any reason, the discomfort and limitations it brings can significantly impact your quality of life. However, fortunately, you can get rid of your chronic lower back pain with the Intracept procedure, which provides a promising alternative to conventional treatments.
Let us discuss the benefits of Intracept procedure for chronic back pain management.

What Is an Intracept Procedure?

Intracept is a minimally invasive technique that is employed to address the basivertebral nerve in patients suffering from vertebrogenic pain. Vertebrogenic pain is a form of chronic lower back pain arising from endplate degeneration within the vertebrae. The basivertebral nerve, which extends from the center of the vertebrae to the upper and lower surfaces, transmits pain signals to the spinal cord and brain. Intracept is intended to target this basivertebral nerve and applies radiofrequency energy to ablate or remove this nerve, thereby terminating the transmission of pain signals.

5 Benefits of Treating Chronic Back Pain with Intracept:

There are several benefits to using Intracept for chronic back pain treatment, including:

1. Alternative to Conservative Therapy

Low back pain management usually begins with conservative treatments such as steroid injections, physical therapy, and prescription medications. While many individuals experience pain reduction with a combination of conservative treatments, some may not find targeted relief from these, and the Intracept procedure is specifically tailored for them, providing prompt relief.

2. Outpatient Procedure

Intracept is an outpatient procedure, meaning there is no need for an overnight hospital stay after the procedure. The average duration of the procedure is around 80 minutes. After the procedure, you will be transferred to a recovery room until the effects of the anesthesia wear off. You can safely return home on the same day.

3. Minimally Invasive

With Intracept, you no longer have to undergo the conventional open surgery method to address severe low back pain. This surgery requires smaller incisions, which are less traumatic, resulting in a faster recovery time and significantly reducing the risk of infection and other complications.

4. Implant-Free

Various surgical interventions used to treat back pain often involve the use of implants. These implants can be either structural, such as screws and plates, or electrical, like spinal cord stimulators. While implants can alleviate pain for certain individuals, they may not suit everyone. However, the Intracept procedure offers an alternative approach to addressing low back pain through radiofrequency ablation, providing relief for everyone.

5. Long-lasting Results

By ablating the basivertebral nerve, the Intracept procedure effectively halts the transmission of pain signals to the brain. This way, it provides a lasting solution to chronic lower back pain.

How Long Does It Take to Perform the Intracept Procedure?

While the average duration of the Intracept procedure is around 1 hour and 20 minutes, it may vary depending on the number of vertebrae needed to be treated and the patient’s health condition.

How Long Does an Intracept Procedure Last?

Pain relief from the intracept procedure can last for 5 years, offering hope for those seeking long-term relief from chronic pain. However, the duration of the results may vary depending on your overall health condition, the severity of your back pain, body weight, and lifestyle.

Does the Intracept Procedure Have to Be Repeated?

The Intracept procedure does not have to be repeated as the pain-causing nerve is ablated. However, you can consult your pain management specialists to determine the best course of action for your chronic pain treatment.

Discover Lasting Relief with the Intracept Procedure in Coppell, TX

Intracept procedure has emerged as a promising treatment option for chronic low back pain, particularly in patients who have not responded to conservative treatments. As the procedure involves targeting the basivertebral nerve and disrupting the nerve’s ability to send pain signals to the brain, you will experience long-lasting pain relief without requiring invasive surgery. Furthermore, Intracept has fewer complications and a quick recovery time, making it a practical option for those looking to improve their quality of life and mobility. So, opt for the Intracept procedure in Coppell, TX, to experience substantial relief from your chronic lower back pain.

Live a Pain-Free Life with Apex Interventional Pain & Spine

At Apex Interventional Pain & Spine, we offer the innovative Intracept procedure to provide quick relief from chronic low back pain. Our skilled specialists are dedicated to providing cutting-edge pain management solutions to help patients regain control over their quality of life. So, if you are struggling with chronic back pain, don’t be concerned. Just schedule an appointment with us to get started on a pain-free future.

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